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All members are welcome to attend the monthly board meetings which are held the first Tuesday of each month. Meetings take place at the Howard County Fairgrounds. Please feel free to contact any board member for more information.

MSQHA offers a large annual tack swap, annual trail rides, competitive trail events, youth events, and horse shows. We now, too, hold clinics on various subjects and disciplines. Continue to check in for updates.

At the end of each year, we offer a pot luck dinner and a general membership meeting. We strive to meet everyone's needs so feel free to join us and offer ideas or suggestions. 

We are in the process of additional future events. Please take a look at what we offer and stay tuned for more.​

2017 Events                

​February 7                    MSQHA Board Meeting   (4-H building)

February 25                  MSQHA Awards Banquet     FLYER

​March 12                      MSQHA Annual Tack Sale    FLYER
​                                     Make reservations with Joy Woolford
​                                     (a board meeting to take place at sale)

March 23-26                 VQHA Spring Breakout Show

March 30-April 2          VQHA Martinganza Show & Futurity

April 5                          MSQHA Board Meeting   (4-H building)

April 14-16                  DQHA Roll Back Spring Classic

April 22-23                   PQHA Centre Hall

April 27-30                   NJQHA Show Dream Show

May 2                          MSQHA Board Meeting (4-H building)

May 2-7                       Level 1 Novice Championships -Raleigh, NC

May 19-21                   PQHA Centre Hall

May 27-28                   PQHA Centre Hall

June 2-4                      DQHA Chicks Show at Dream Park

June 14-18                  KQHA Keystone Showdown

June 22-25                  Region V NJQHA

July 12-16                   Midsummer Madness PQHA

July 14-23                   Buckeye Classic OQHA 

August 12-20              NSBA Worlds

August 12                   MSQHA Fair Show-Howard County Fairgrounds

August 19-20             PQHA Centre Hall

​September 1-3          Nittany Classics & Futurities

​Look for more MSQHA events as we continue to update them!

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