Pre-Turkey Quarter Horse Show:

On November 18-20, Frying Pan Park is hosting a Pre-Turkey Quarter Horse Show. Chris Thompson and John Kunkle are the judges for this 2 split/combined show in three days. Please contact Chris Monson, the show manager for more details. Contact information and other information is provided in flyer. Get stalls NOW!


C&O Canal trail ride:

Take a relaxing trail ride on the historic C&O canal. This is our fourth annual trail ride on the canal. This year we will have it on Sunday September 25th in Williamsport, Maryland. Find out more details below. Contact Vickie or Kim Hiett for details.

Results for the MSQHA Trail Challenge on September 10, 2016:

Registered QH Adult (MASTERS)
1st Danielle Gallupe / Vic's Doc Phire
2nd Laura Coleman / Redford's Rocket Fuel

Registered QH Adult (INTERMEDIATE)
1st Danielle Ballard / Three Socks of Jack
2nd Marie Miller / Leddy be Steady
3rd Samantha Eriksson / Got Good Timin'
4th Brenda Brown / Magic MacPie
5th Jamie MacCallum / Jessie J.J King

Registered QH Youth (MASTERS)
1st Ariana Straitman / Dancing Starfire

All Breed Adult (MASTERS)
1st Danielle Gallupe / Vic's Doc Phire
2nd Wendy Davis / Fancy Pony

All Breed Adult (INTERMEDIATE)
1st Danielle Ballard / Three Socks of Jack
2nd Jamie MacCallum / Jessie J.J King
​3rd Toby Gibbon / Dauntless

​All Breed Adult (TRAINING)
1st Beckie Peregoy / Zips Mint Chocolate
2nd Sharon Dunn / Cool Tommy Gunn
3rd Melissa McMunn / Bling

Equestrians w/ Disabilities (TRAINING)
1st Patti Young / Romeo's Lyric


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The purpose of our association is to improve and promote the American Quarter Horse breed and stimulate the sale, breeding, exhibition, general use and enjoyment of the Quarter Horse. We encourage educational, social, recreational, and competitive participation. The Maryland State Quarter Horse Association fosters future development of the American Quarter horse through the support of the Youth Association.

MSQHA sponsors horse shows, novice shows, trail rides, competitive trail rides, and clinics.

Recent Updates 

We offer plenty of events including our annual tack swap, trail rides, competitive trail rides, clinics, and horse shows. At the end of each year, we have a pot luck dinner and meeting. 

Fill out form below if you know someone that shows good sportsmanship qualities for a chance to win an award. This is in memory of the accomplished horseman, Walter Hughes.

MSQHA Trail Challenge: 

MSQHA had a successful turnout at our very first trail challenge at Double Rock Farm. We were pleased to have our judge, Julie Talbert who did such a great job creating patterns for our training, intermediate, and masters classes. Riders really enjoyed the variety of obstacles that proved their sportsmanship and relationship/partnership with their horse. In addition, Julie showed hours of dedication by setting up the obstacles prior to the event. Thank you to Joy Gallupe for also setting up the obstacles and being our scribe on the day of event.

We also give special thanks to ALL our exhibitors who attended and participated in the event. Without you, we would not have this event. We also thank Rick and Beverly Long for allowing MSQHA to sponsor our event at their facility. Finally, MSQHA thanks our trail challenge coordinators, Vickie and Kim Hiett for their hard work organizing the event and performing many duties at the event along with Linda Stapf. 

Results for trail challenge is available on the left panel of this page. 

A co-youth advisor is needed to serve as assistant to youth advisor. If anyone is interested in filling position, please contact Sabrina Ginn at